What Foam Shield Designs Could Represent

What Foam Shield Designs Could Represent.

What Foam Shield Designs Could Represent.

Shields aren’t just for protection, we know that. If so, they would just be big black walls of steel rather than mobile warlike paintings. Though you don’t want your enemy to see your weapon until they’re close enough to taste it, shields are all about representing.

But what exactly do they represent? If you’ve read Game of Thrones at all, you know all of the lingo that goes with heraldry: gules field with lions rampant, bat over nebuly, a chief vert four axe-heads bentwise argent.

JoinTheRealm.com offers a (buggy) interface to create your own crest, and this site talks about the heraldry in GoT, but from these two sources you would think that all symbolism was subjective and that design was a matter of taste.

You could certainly throw together all kinds of designs when creating your own shield, but heraldry is a language as rich as Russian or Klingon or Victorian nictitation, and the items and lines on a shield tell your life story to anyone willing to listen.

If you want to learn how to make your own crests, there are some great resources online. I won’t go into that, but I will just share a few of the coolest discoveries I happened upon:

– All of the colors have fun names. Gold is or and silver is argent; green becomes vert, red gules; black goes by sable; and maroon is murray (named after mulberries) or Sanquine

– In fact, heraldry has as many weirdly cute terms as British slang, to the point where it sounds like baby talk: bendy means a diagonal line, and chequy and lozengy are different kinds of checkered; you can even diaper your crest.

– The next most important thing to the color on your crest is the icons. Some icons are more ethereal than others: a bear is strength or cunning, wings are swiftness. Some are more specific. A bat indicates “awareness of the powers of darkness and chaos, which seems a truly subjective indication to pop on your house crest, while a jessant (a leopard head eating a fleur-de-lis) symbolizes the lion of England devouring the lily of France.

So what foam shield designs show your interests and allegiances?

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