LARP Round Sheild

Round LARP Shield

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Round LARP Shield

Your most trusted defense, the LARP Round Shield will provide you with armor against any attacker. It’s round shape makes it easy to carry in one hand while wielding your long sword, pole-arm or short spear in the other, making you an unstoppable force in any duel. Providing you with protection from unseen arrows or daggers, as well as misdirecting an oncoming blow from any sword, mace or battle axe. This shield is a valuable tool and must have for any traveler. No longer will you be vulnerable to attackers, you confidence will lead you towards many conquests.

This LARP Round Shield is one of the oldest and most time tested shields. It’s round shape provided even protection on all sides of the body providing consistency of defense for the fighter. The most common design was wooden boards lined up side-by-side and cut in a roughly circular shape. Then a hot metal band was secured and cooled around the wood, which pressed and tightened them together. The boss and handles were then attached completing the shield. This design made them simple to produce and recycle if damaged. Also, some could even function as wheels for carts making them multipurpose tools. It has made its mark on history. The Round Shield has now been made even better with today’s technology. Using lightweight but sturdy foam, the LARP Round Shield can defend against the most aggressive attacks while still being easy for the smallest adventurers to carry.

The LARP Round Shield is roughly 28″ in diameter. It’s entire shape is covered in soft foam and there are no sharp edges. It is 100% play safe! Worm comfortably on either the right or left arm through two attached loops. This round shield suited the basic defensive needs of fighters for centuries. It will serve your needs as well should you pick it up for the battles ahead.

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