LARP Spear

LARP Spear

$ 35.00

Product Description

Take your LARP Spear to the field of battle

The LARP spear is a padded 4 ½ foot long shaft with a 1 ½ foot blade at the top. It is great for keeping your enemies at a distance and picking them apart while holding the ranks together.

During some of the bloodiest wars of the medieval age a common, simple, yet devastating weapon in a military’s rank was the long spear. It was a weapon used in most of the cultures around the world. It essentially was a long pole with a sharp end. It came in different names such as a lance, pike, yari, hasta, assegai, ect. Though it’s purpose remained a ranged stabbing weapon. It was popular in large-scale combat were it was used as a ranged piercing weapon that is able to take down soldiers and cavalry alike. The motto among most spearmen was “The longer the better”. This was because the longer a spear was the father away you could stab your foe. Some spears made for war were even past 3 meters in length. They could by all sorts of warriors such as Soldiers, Calvary Men, Chariots, and Elephant Riders. So if you feel the need to gore you enemies like a wild animal from a distance then the long spear is just what you need plain and simple.