Spear Foam

LARP Spear Foam

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LARP Spear Foam

Welcome fellow foam smiths! You have entered the magical world of foam weapon crafting and spear foam expands your creative possibilities. This foam is perfect for smithing your ideal spear blade. This raw material is more flexible than sword foam providing for more durability against the brutal thrusting imposed on the spear blade during play. Like a reed that bends with the wind, the slightly softer spear blade can withstand the impact of shields and bodies better than the more rigid sword foam. This material is simple to work with and can be formed with sharp knives, power tools such as jig saws and heat tools. Bond your components with hot glue and/or spray adhesive to create anything your imagination can conjure.

Spear Foam is available in 2” x 6” x 36″ blocks. This chunk of fun supplies enough workable material to build 3 spear blades with any fun accessories you may desire like custom pommels, cross guards, spikes and more. Not making a spear? This foam is also useable for carving a personal arsenal of foam knives or other larping props. This foam is also useful as a general crafting medium and is great for adding personalized decorations to your armor or shield. Spear foam is available in the colors white, black, blue and aqua-green.