LARP Long Sword

LARP Long Sword

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LARP Long Sword

The long sword came into popular use in the late medieval period, and for centuries remained the height of weapon design. Its superiority on the battlefield came not just from its tremendous reach and power, but the seemingly infinite complexity of offensive and defensive styles its maneuverability allowed for. Lacking any serious weaknesses, the long sword may have been the perfect melee weapon.

The world fell so madly in love with these elegant blades that, to this day, you’d be hard pressed to find a hero in any fantasy epic who doesn’t wield a long sword. It is the icon of fantasy. Treated with both fear and reverence, the long sword represents not just a severe threat on the battlefield, but the ideals of the people who wield them. Hoisted high above the rightful ruler’s head, it stands for justice and honor. Slung over a barbarian’s shoulder, freedom and strength.

In Epic Adventurez, there is nothing more comforting than the weight of a familiar blade at your hip. To hold a long sword in your hand is to know that every obstacle in life can be solved with just skill, courage, and the proper tool. Whether you are a brazen knight, a brooding mercenary or a simple farmer caught up in some grand adventure, you would be negligent not to take along this noble length of steel.

An Epic Adventurez long sword features a slender cruciform hilt and a decorative pommel. Each weapon is a tested play-safe replica, so that whether you run your loved ones through or carve them limb from limb, they can get back up and play again without fear of cuts or bruises. A 36” blade ensures that your foes will think twice before charging, and it’s crafted from a durable, lightweight foam, so that you can parry all day long, regardless of age or physical ability. With a 7” grip, you’re free to wield our long swords with one hand or two, allowing for a flexible range of combat styles.

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