LARP Hammer

LARP Hammer

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LARP Hammer

The Epic Toys LARP Hammer is a strong weapon, for strong fighter only. Hammer stronger, bigger, heavier, than spear, sword, or even axe. Dagger is a toothpick to the hammer. Hammer smash all other weapon.

Early hammer weapon first used to kill horse people. Eat horses. But first hammer not as big as this hammer. This hammer very big. Hammer so big, it kill everyone.

Am barbarian? Ogre? Mighty metal-clothes person? You already know: hammer always right choice. With hammer, crush shield, flatten skulls, send puny mages far away into air. When see hammer, all enemy run, hesitate, make mistake. Hammer too intense for them. Big hammer tool for “psychological warfare.”

Some people say hammer TOO big. Say hammer slow. To this, hammer say, “Stay still.” Then, WHAM! Smush with hammer.

How big can a LARP Hammer be? The entire hammer is covered in foam from the handle to the head.  They are four feet long, make broad swings, and two feet wide at the foam head. Skinnier along padded shaft. Have mentioned that hammer tested for safety, for pretend smashing? Hammer safe for use on tiny humans, never smush for real. Hammer even light enough for tiny humans to pretend they strong enough for hammer.