LARP Gladiator. Use ancient strategy in you LARPing





It’s always good to be prepared.

Don’t be caught skint. Let preparedness define you.

The weapon defines the warrior, we all know that. Who’s Leonardo without his double katana? Who is or Conan without the Atlantean, or Gandalf without that huge staff?

Weapons can define countries, too, and in some cases, sprawling nations and cultures. The gladius, a sword less than two feet in length, took its place as The Most Important Weapon in History by building the Roman empire. This sparky little monster was used for nearly six hundred years.


Because it was light, deadly, and sexy. Developed out of the Spanish gladius hispaniensis, the sword that built the Roman Empire sported a brief, foot and a half long double-edged blade. Short and sassy, this well-developed killer was most excellent when used in formation, meant to come out from under a shield wall to jab at guts and slice at exposed kneecaps.

Bluuuuuugh! Ouch.

Of course, it was well augmented by the pilum, the handheld projectiles carried in the hollow of shields and designed to splinter on impact—deadly and unable to return to sender.

This made Roman legions into, basically, a battalion of amazingly aggressive porcupines. They splintered your ranks from a distance, then closed in like a steamroller.

Beside these add-ons, the gladius was so successful that it became the Latin word for sword, like kleenex or xerox.

For four hundred years this weapon rocked the western world, allowing for the dominion of Gall, Britain, Spain, Greece—and the implementation of aqueducts, public baths, paved roads, sanitation, . . .

The gladius, of course, eventually evolved. It’s a sad fact that your army of five or six isn’t made for shield-walls. The lesson? Prepare. Develop. Arm yourself. Don’t be caught skint.

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