Elven Sword

LARP Elven Sword

$ 35.00

Lightning fast and agile, the Elven sword is the our most popular LARP sword. It's simple and sleek design inspires lightening quick draws from the scabbard, snag-free running through the woods and close up worthy strike and parry action.


Foam pommel with ~36″ Blade

Product Description

LARP Elven Sword

When you have an eternal lifespan, eventually you’re going to become very skilled at your profession. An blade forged by an elven smith is bound to be sleeker, lighter and more graceful than those crafted by their mortal “peers.” And in the hands of an elven warrior who has had centuries to hone the art of swordplay, it is also more deadly.

Of course, not all elven swords wind up in elven hands. Sometimes they are gifted to worthy outsiders, friends and champions of the elven people. Or else a hardened mercenary might take a fallen elf’s sword as a trophy, along with the right to brag that she felled such a noble opponent. Or a simple farmer with a heart of gold might find that the blade’s excellent balance more than makes up for his lack of martial training, allowing him to defend his village.

Brutish barbarians and towering ogres wouldn’t understand the subtle art of an elven blade, though, much preferring bulkier, heavier, and clumsier weapons – and it’s up to you to prove the importance of good form over rippling muscles. Preferably with a lightning-fast flick of your wrist.

In one of our Epic Adventurez, the right Elven sword can be a visual statement about your character. Regardless of whether your ears are pointy, the elven sword has a simple, clean design and narrower blade which whispers many things about you: that you are a swift and deadly duelist with refined tastes, a dignified sense of style, and nothing to prove to anyone. Whether dancing through a battlefield with flashing strokes of steel or dashing through the woods without disturbing a single leaf, these swords are all about acute skill and uncompromising speed.

Like our standard long swords, our elven sword feature a 7” grip and a 36” blade, but with a more slender and elegantly sculpted shape, complete with a hilt and decorative pommel. They are made from a lightweight and durable foam, which is sturdy but never cumbersome.  Of course, as Epic Toys, they are tested play-safe, so that when you invisibly ambush your friends from the undergrowth, there will be no hard feelings afterward.