LARP Combat Knife

LARP Combat Knife

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Product Description

LARP Combat Knife

Every culture on Earth developed knives, the human answer to claws and teeth. Even cultures without access to metalworking technologies sharpened stones to create these irreplaceable tools.

Though they lack reach, most longer weapons have a minimum range– if a daring knife-wielder can close in on a Spearman, and get inside the range of his attacks, there’s almost nothing the Spearman can do to defend himself. In tight quarters, with a low ceiling, a knife can be preferable to a longsword, which needs space to swing.

Traditionally depicted as being the tools of stealthy rogues, ninjas an ne’er-do-wells, knives are easily concealed up a sleeve, down a boot, or in a sheathe at the small of the back. Statistically, most victims of knife wounds didn’t realize their opponent was wielding a knife until the fight was over. Of course, given the situational usefulness of a small blade or two, they are a mandatory augmentation for the well-prepared warrior’s arsenal.

In addition to being deadly close-combat weapons, knives have a myriad of practical uses: Maintaining basic hygiene, preparing a simple meal, carving wood or bone into other tools and crafts– tasks for which a cumbersome sword is simply too awkward. Any adventurer worth her salt would be wise to keep a foam combat knife on her belt, regardless of whatever else she is capable of.

An Epic Toys foam combat knife, is a one handed weapon carved entirely from a durable and lightweight foam: handle, blade and all. It is easily customizable by adding a handle wrap of an appropriate fabric or painting an insignia on the blade. These knives are approximately 12″ in length, with a sturdy width and thickness of 2.5″ and 1″, respectively. Like all of our weapons, they are tested to be play-safe, so that when you emerge from the darkness and slit your friend’s throat, whispering a goodbye in their ear, they can tell you how surprised they were afterwards.