LARP Birthday Party where kids made foam swords.

LARP Birthday Party where you make foam weapons at the party.

Two kids with swords and shields

LARP Birthday Party

On Saturday, October 18th, there was a party held in Rittenhouse Park in Philadelphia, PA.  This was a LARPing themed birthday party run by Epic Toys.  Captain Shaggy put together this LARP birthday party for kids between the age of 8 to 13.

Shaggy and Zeut in Epic Toys Shirts

Shaggy and Zeut in Epic Toys Shirts

We start in West Philadelphia where we packed up all the supplies including foam and knives and glue.  Sarah was managing the event for all the kids.  She would organize the kids and teach them the rules.  Make sure that every body involved understood.  You could find her here, Sarah Seymour

Sarah with the kids in the park

Sarah Teaching the kids

The event started with the kids designing their own swords.  Then over the course of the party, the Foam Forge, will make each person a weapon that they designed.  It gives the kids a creative outlet and investment in the product that they get to take home.  This could ta

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