LARP Battle Axe

LARP Battle Axe

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The LARP Battle Axe is not a luxury weapon. It’s a re-purposed tool.

An axe is not as elegant or well-balanced as a sword. It doesn’t have the unmatched reach of a spear. But it does have sheer power; As it turns out, flesh and bones are nowhere near as tough as a living tree, and an axe powers straight through them with its tremendous, heavy blows. Even most shields are made of wood, with only iron bands to reinforce them. They crack and splinter under an axe’s tremendous momentum. In fact, an axe can take down any barricade or fortification short of a castle wall.

Our LARP Battle Axe, meant for use as a weapon, has excellent reach and power that compensates for its heavy and cumbersome nature. An axe can cleave through one enemy and into the next without losing much momentum. More importantly, a battle axe is an awesome and imposing weapon. Opponents will find themselves intimidated by your deadly might, and their hesitation is another weapon in your arsenal.

In an Epic Adventure, an axe is a good way to demonstrate that your character prefers brawn to finesse. Barbarians, vikings and highlanders are usually visualized with a battle axe in hand– because they come from cultures with little mineral wealth, but also because they solve problems directly and have simple, black-and-white worldviews. An axe is also a good way to distinguish your character as a member of the poor and working classes: see if the nobility’s fancy swords can keep you from splitting their skulls.

Our LARP Battle Axe is constructed from a lightweight, durable foam, with a padded shaft. Like all of our Epic Toys, they’re tested to be play-safe, so that when you cleave your friends in twain with one mighty arc of your arms, they can spread We build them to order, in all practical shapes and sizes. Order one for a price quote on the weapon of your dreams (and your friends’ nightmares).

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