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Strike Fear into their hearts with the LARP Axe

The axe, one of the oldest weapons known to man, has been used in battle for over eight thousand years. Our hand axes are based off of the Danish war axe, wielded by some of the most fearsome warriors of all time, The Vikings. This weapon is versatile and deadly, good for use with or without a shield. It can be held in one or both hands. When out on the field for many hours you may want something lightweight compared to our LARP Battle Axe.

The LARP Axe is common choice for the no nonsense combatant. It cuts, it chops, it even swats pesky shields out of the way. Event h=an untrained civilian probably has hours of experience working behind an axe so it's no wonder that so many uprisings and revolutions saw countless axes brandished on the battle field. Search for that in Google and the images will not disappoint you. The axe's strength and weight allows a more polished warrior to do much more than swing a deadly edge, the skilled fighter can parry lighter weapons with ease and power through their enemies pitiful attempts at defense. Use the full length of the handle to block your opponent’s swings.

This one-handed hand axe allows for an easier to hold axe, enabling dual-wielding or using a shield while enjoying the ultimate hack-and-slash weapon! This smaller axe head and handle are made from the same quality materials as our standard LARP Battle Axe. We make each one with care and can take the abuse of a game lasting the day or a weekend and beyond. This is the product to get started for even the youngest axe lovers. The smaller size enables smaller adventurers to play the role of the grisly woodsman or brutish barbarian!