"I Wanted To Be a Dwarf" - How I Fixed My Costume to be More Realistic

Cosplay – “I Wanted to Be a Dwarf”


Dwarves (Photo credit: Jane Starz)


“I wanted to be a dwarf!”

Whether to dress up as a dwarf, a werewolf, or an elf: cosplay is a part of the whole Live Action Role Playing Experience. Not only do players need the necessary weapons, but they must dress the part. LARP activants escape into a world where fantasy becomes real. In this article, we explore the process of  creating costumes through a man named Louis Debruyne.

Louis Debruyne  is a French Larper, but prefers to be called “Gimlee” as a reference to Gimli in The Lord of the Rings and “Bruce Lee” as a great man. He is in a LARP association, Le consortium de Griffe.

He was Kandorya, the biggest French LARP, playing a dwarf when he ran into a little problem. He was too tall to play a dwarf! Because of this he devised a plan to make him appear smaller. After much thought and blueprints, he came up with the idea of barrel-boots. The structure itself is in PVC, easy to buy in a building material store, and the exterior is made of groundsheets. It’s cheap and easy to mold. When the barrels were done, he had to paint them with some waterproof paint to protect the interior and limit the damage to the structure. Then, he painted with colors. He wanted a render cartoon, like World of Warcraft. It was a two-month project, but the product is something he is proud of. He plans to make repairs and upgrade it! Read the full article to find out more about his creative process and gain advice on making your own LARP costume and weapons.

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