A Players Guide To Formations In LARP Training

A Players Guide To Formations In LARP Training

Formations in LARP Training

I’m curious how various LARP groups train their fighters.

According to this http://www.wikihow.com/Train-a-LARP-Group uniformity – even tyranny – is key.

“If an army is equipped together, instead of hodgepodge, then they will fight better as a unit.”

For the fun of it, he suggests three kinds of fighting groups – and with them, three kinds of weaponry.

For large groups, he suggests spears – imagine twenty or fifty spears in formations in LARP Training, sweeping the battlefield like water, slow and steady as a flood. For very small groups, he says, two-handed weapons work best.

Five or six iconoclasts charging down the field with massive hammers and axes. Sounds more like a mercenary group than a formation. Here are your hard-hitters, the ones who smash into the long-drilled military line and make a heavy dent. These are the ones who crush the spearmen’s flank.

Medium-sized groups, he suggests, might work best with sword-and-shield.

And “[i]f a few men want something different, explain how the group is more effective together than separate, because if one man gets their way, then the rest will soon follow.”

Keep order, he seems to shout, lest the individual revolt; this is the best way to preserve formation.

http://shortymonster.co.uk/2013/01/ suggests that intrinsic limitations to LARP formation are the main reason he’ll never LARP.

While it’s been suggested that LARP’s history is deeply rooted in military – and therefore, formation – reenactment, drilling and education and that the idea of formation might have a lot to do with its original implementation, it might be that this particular obsession has largely been cast aside.

Is formation important for you, as a LARPer? Or are character and story – or just waling away at like-minded individuals with foam weapons – more central to your overall experience?

Formations in LARP Training: Sternenfeuer group from Germany Recorded...

Formations in LARP Training: Sternenfeuer group from Germany Recorded at a meeting of the group.

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