Boffer Arrows VS Packet Arrows: the Pros and Cons

Boffer Arrows VS Packet Arrows: the Pros and Cons


Archers (Photo credit: Jane Starz) Boffer Arrows

Boffer Arrows

Boffer arrows and packet arrows are two different weapons that archers can choose from in battle. Every Live Action Role Playing game is different, and each game has different rules when it comes to combat. For archers, the rules are even more diverse. Some games allow foam-tipped boffer arrows that are similar to actual arrows, which are fired from actual bows. Other LARPs require boffer bows covered in foam that do not fire, but that ranged combatants throw packets full of bird seed by hand. While each player may have a strong preference over the other, each method has their advantages and disadvantages. The Boffer arrow is more realistic looking. It can shoot your arrow multiple feet away. In the same instance, this is what makes it more dangerous. The packet arrows on the other hand are more game friendly. You have to throw the packets, which takes away from the realism.

One Live Action Role Playing adventurer respects both methods, but her current LARP group requires members to use packet arrows due to the regulations in the state park they use for their game. She asks what fellow archers prefer and the benefits they see in the boffer arrow and the packet arrows.

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