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Welcome to Epic Toys, home of awesome foam swords for epic combat play. Every sword and shield at Epic Toys has been hand-crafted by master foam smiths in our secret foam armory, and is individually designed to help you accomplish your mission to save the world. For warriors, choose a sword and shield combo that reflects your individual style. Scouts and rangers can extend their range with a bow + arrow set, but don’t forget your dagger! Keep your friends close but your weapons closer when you dominate the playing field at EPIC ADVENTUREZ.

Next time you run into battle, see awe and respect in the eyes of your opponents as the sun glints off your new battle axe and you lead the charge for the glory of the realm. Stand strong with your brothers and sisters as enemy hordes break upon you, the great spear Tarsalion defending your homeland with every thrust. Trust the razor-sharp monster claws to complete your quest with lightning speed as you sneak up on unsuspecting unicorns. Whether you are a great hero or a diabolical villain, you can find the weapons and equipment of your dreams here at the fantasy forge of EPIC TOYS.